Cutting edge laser surgery

  • Laser therapy- offering comprehensive laser therapy with our 5 state of art laser machine.
  • The latest wrinkles reduction thermage CPT (comfort pulse technology) RF (radio frequency) systems for dermal rejuvenation.
  • Anti-wrinkles injections
  • Non permanent soft tissue fillers
  • Permanent soft tissue fillers using your own fat
  • Autologous plasma enriched PIP for facial rejuvenation in conjunction with CPT-RF laser therapy

Dr. David Chin has been using the fractional erbium glass laser for the past two years. The ‘fractional’ laser is different from other conventional laser in that it can provide treatment to the skin without damaging the outer most epidermis layer of the skin. This results in minimal recovery time or ‘down time’ and side effects such as alteration in skin pigmentation. Dr. Chin has performed over 100 cases of non-surgical face lift using this laser with very pleasing results. 

At Advanced Plastic Surgery, Dr. David Chin addresses the needs of every patient in an understanding and compassionate manner and recommends the most appropriate course of action to achieve the desired outcomes, whether surgical or non-surgical.


If you would like to know more about laser surgery procedures, please call Dr. Chin at Advanced Plastic Surgery on (07) 3871 3330 to book a consultation.


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