Head & Neck Surgery

Advanced Plastic Surgery – Head & Neck Surgery Specialists


Head & neck surgery is a common reconstructive treatment for cancer patients. Malignant tumors can result in disfiguration and functional defects of the face, scalp, mouth & tongue, nose, throat and glands.


Head & neck cancer surgery involves removal of the cancerous cells and reconstruction of some or all of the face, scalp and neck area to restore normal functionality and aesthetic appearance. Most commonly, this involves surgical excision of skin cancers but can be more invasive for skin cancers affecting underlying tissues and for other forms of cancer.


Dr. David Chin of Advanced Plastic Surgery is a skilled plastic surgeon who specialises in head & neck surgery and the treatment of cancer. Dr. Chin has had several papers published on the advancement of head and neck surgery and has spoken on the subject at plastic surgery conferences around the world.


To learn more about head and neck surgery, please call Dr. Chin at Advanced Plastic Surgery on (07) 3871 3330 to book a consultation.


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