Adipose Derived Regenerative Cells (ADRC) Breast Augmentation

ADRC Breast Augmentation


Ground-breaking approach to shape the future of plastic surgery


ADRC-enriched fat therapy is a fast emerging and rapidly expanding regenerative medicine which repairs or restores lost or damaged tissue function in adults. Stem cell therapy is a natural alternative to traditional surgical procedures.


ADRC plastic surgery differs from traditional plastic surgery methodology in that it regenerates the required tissue from autologous (self) ‘stem cells’. This facilitates the generation of a variety of different tissue cells which construct muscle, blood vessels, fat and nerves. This gives plastic surgeons another dimension or option for breast reconstruction.


ADRC therapy is a natural augmentation procedure which uses fat cells obtained from another part of the body through liposuction. The extracted stem cells are used to regenerate the required tissue to reconstruct the breast or breasts to give a natural reconstruction of the breast.


Dr. David Chin is the only Australian surgeon offering ADRC plastic surgery


The innovative ADRC therapy is shaping the future of plastic surgery around the world. In Australia, Brisbane-based plastic surgeon Dr. David Chin provides this ground-breaking, natural surgical solution in Australia.


To find out more about ADRC breast augmentation surgery and to speak with Dr. David Chin, please call Advanced Plastic Surgery on (07) 3871 3330 to book a consultation.



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