Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Surgery


Traditional and advanced breast augmentation at Advanced Plastic Surgery


Breast augmentation surgery – sometimes referred to as augmentation mammaplasty – involves using synthetic implants to enhance or restore the volume and shape of the breasts.


Breast augmentation is a procedure undertaken by patients for a variety of reasons including as part of recuperation from breast cancer; post-pregnancy; to combat signs of aging and cosmetic appeal and in some cases to correct previous surgery.


Dr. David Chin is a specialist breast surgeon with an international reputation as a pioneer of plastic surgery. The first surgeon in Australia to offer stem cell breast augmentation, Dr. Chin continues to work at the forefront of plastic surgery best practice.


At Advanced Plastic Surgery in Brisbane, Dr. Chin uses both traditional breast augmentation and advanced surgical procedures to meet the needs of his patients.


To discover more about the breast augmentation surgery and to speak with Dr. David Chin, please call Advanced Plastic Surgery on (07) 3871 3330 to book a consultation.


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