Aesthetic Surgery

 Aesthetic surgery involves both surgical and non-surgical augmentation of various parts of the body.

Aesthetic plastic surgery is focused on enhancement or restoration of the physical appearance of a part of the body through surgical techniques. Aesthetic plastic surgery is commonly confused with cosmetic surgery but differs significantly in the caliber of surgeon performing the surgery and training involved.

I believe in the importance of aesthetic surgery for patients seeking this branch of surgery and offers the state of the art surgical and biotechnology that is second to none to any institutions world wide.

Common aesthetic procedures performed at Advanced Plastic Surgery include:

Facial Implants
Chin Augmentation
Facelift Surgery
Anti-wrinkle injections
Permanent soft tissue fillers using autologous adipose tissues (adipocytes stromal vascular fragments).


At Advanced Plastic Surgery, Dr. David Chin works in the best interests of his patient, understanding their needs before recommending the most appropriate course of action whether surgical or non-surgical.


If you are considering aesthetic surgery, please call Dr. Chin at Advanced Plastic Surgery on (07) 3871 3330 to book a consultation.


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