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Welcome to Advanced Plastic Surgery

The Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery Practice, headed by renowned Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr.David Chin.

A caring and dedicated Surgeon, Dr Chin is committed to achieving the very best results for his patients and attractive, natural looking results for those wishing to enhance their attractiveness or restore and rejuvenate their face and body.

Dr Chin achieves this by combining is technical excellence, artistic skill and meticulous attention to detail. This is evidenced by his exceptional surgical results and a large following of patients, hospital staff and Doctors who choose Dr Chin for their surgery.

A leader in his field, Dr. David Chin is one of only a handful of Plastic Surgeons in the world to achieve both a Medical Doctorate and PhD in Plastic Surgery, for which he was awarded ‘The Deans’ List’ - the first in Australia for Plastic Surgery.

His reputation for exceptional results and pioneering treatments draws patients from all over Australia and the world.


 Cell Enriched Fat Therapy arrives in Australia

A recognized pioneer in the field of Plastic Surgery, in 2011, Dr Chin brought Cytori Cell Enriched Fat Therapy to Australia, – a natural, innovative alternative which is shaping the future of cosmetic and plastic surgery worldwide.


What is Cell Enriched Fat Therapy?

Cell enriched surgery is an exciting new medical advancement that uses stem cells from the patient’s own body fat to enhance their breasts, face or body. A permanent, natural solution, it gives discerning patients the choice of enhancing their looks naturally, without the need for implants, fillers or scars.


Cell Enriched Therapy is used for other specialist surgical procedures including post radiated mastectomy breast reconstruction, acquired and congenital hypoplastic conditions e.g. tubular breast hypoplasia, congenital breast asymmetry e.g. Poland’s Syndrome and facial soft asymmetry e.g. Parry-Romberg’s. We currently have a 5 years follow up database in patients treated.

As a pioneer of Cytori Cell Enriched fat therapy in Australia, Dr Chin is the only Plastic Surgeon in Australia offering the benefits of this natural surgical alternative.


Dr Chin offers Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery consultations and procedures through his practice at the Wesley Hospital, Brisbane, Caboolture Private Hospital and Canossa Day Surgery, Oxley, for the convenience of his regional patients.

Advanced Plastic Surgery is complete with the most modern technologies available and patients often comment on how welcome they are made to feel by his staff – a team of knowledgeable and friendly consultants, nurses, and medical aestheticians.


Why choose Advanced Plastic Surgery?

Patients undertake cosmetic and reconstructive surgery procedures for a variety of reasons. Whatever your motivation, it is your body and your choice, and you deserve to be treated with respect, care and understanding.

All surgery carries risks; hence the caliber of the Surgeon and the quality of the training he has received is paramount.

As we all know, not all Cosmetic Surgery leaves people looking natural or improved. Honesty is also crucial. Dr Chin would rather turn a patient away, than perform a surgery that he feels will give an unnatural looking result. He cares about his patients.

We invite you to meet with Dr Chin for a private consultation, to discuss how he can help you. His friendly staff are available to answer questions you may have before, or after your visit and look forward to warmly welcoming you. Phone 07 3871 3330

Advanced plastic surgery procedures

Adipose derived regenerative cells (ADRC). We currently have the largest and longest follow up on in Australia with 100+ cases and 3 years follow up data.


Patented IP technique for


Conventional plastic surgery procedures


  • Comprehensive face lift surgery
  • Endoscopic browlift
  • Midface lift
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Neck lift
  • Chin augmentation
  • Facial implants


  • Breast Reduction
  • Breast reconstruction
  • Breast asymmetry
  • Breast reduction in men endoscopic ‘scarless’ technique (Gynaecosmastia)


Ear & Nose

  • Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)
  • Prominent ears

Reconstructive Surgery

  • Skin cancer
  • Breast Cancer – reconstruction
  • Head and Neck Cancer – reconstruction
  • Hand Surgery after trauma and congenital

Cutting edge non-surgical rejuvenation

  • Laser therapy- offering comprehensive laser therapy with our 5 state of art laser machine.
  • The latest wrinkles reduction thermage CPT (comfort pulse technology) RF (radio frequency) systems for dermal rejuvenation.
  • Anti-wrinkles injections
  • Non permanent soft tissue fillers
  • Permanent soft tissue fillers using your own fat
  • Autologous plasma enriched PIP for facial rejuvenation


Please contact our friendly staff on 07- 3871 3330 or email below to book your consultation with Dr Chin in Brisbane and Caboolture, Sunshine Coast.



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